ISO 14001

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System
Environmental Management System ISO 14001 is a model of management system based on the principle of continuous improvement. It meets the requirements of ISO 14001, which requires the involvement of all employees at all levels of organization, especially senior management. The essence of the system is to identify the environmental aspects as well as the legislative and other requirements that apply to these aspects and the appropriate management of these aspects. The main objective of the ISO 14001 standard is to support environmental protection and pollution prevention in a way that takes into account the socio-economic needs of the business.
What is ISO 14001?
The ISO 14001 standard is for all organizations, regardless of their type and size. This standard can be used by any organization that aims to:
to create, implement and maintain an environmental management system to act in accordance with its established environmental policy to demonstrate compliance with the standards by self-assessment and self-assessment declaration, as well as through confirmation from third parties - including accredited certification bodies.
The main advantages of certification in accordance with ISO 14001 are:
•potential savings and reduction in energy and raw materials consumption
•Reduction of waste disposal costs.
•Lower fees related to the use of natural resources
•Lower insurance prices stemming from the reduction in risk
•Improving management of the organization (planning, setting goals and objectives and programs)
• reducing the harmful impact on the environment
•Structured way of making information and communication
•Increased trust of stakeholders
•Regular internal audits and third party audits to quickly detect weaknesses
•Avoiding trials (eg in terms of environmental damage, accidents)
How the organization will receive a certificate of compliance with ISO 14001?
The certificate of compliance with ISO 14001 is issued by an independent accredited organization with positive audit conclusions